Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Malaga in bullet points

  • Where the fine men reside. Damn! I'm seriously trying to see if I can get my region switched! The amount of fine men in one city just don't make no damn sense! I'm getting mad thinking about it. Just everywhere...I can't even...
  • That's all I got for Malaga.
  • Oh wait, there was rain...yet again. But, I had one good day of sun. I feel badly because if I didn't miss my bus, I'm sure I would've raved and raved about Malaga. But, I did indeed miss my bus to Granada and that coupled with everything made me over this trip. Over it! There was so much construction in the city, the bus system was all messed up and nan one of the people could let me know where the hell the bus station was! I always leave an hour and change before my bus leaves and I've never missed a bus! Ugh.
  • But those men were fine though....

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